About Heidi

“Small changes at an individual level, made as often as we can, will create positive environmental change – The process must be made to be enjoyable!”

Heidi Meyer
Mrs Heidi Meyer – Creative Director – Badderam Eco Luxe Resort & Spa

Visionary, Creative Director and lead proponent of this proposal, Heidi Meyer moved to Buderim for the established trees, and known community closeness. She views herself as a fellow custodian of the Buderim character and green space. Quite simply a nature-lover, Heidi believes in changing the world one small action at a time.

Heidi brings to her role as Creative Director, more experience in 20 years than other professionals do in a lifetime, her skills crossing over traditional career boundaries.  Now aged 44, Heidi started her first business at the age of 15, she is now the owner of multiple businesses and an award winning, international designer. Heidi has lived and worked for many years in Europe, the UK and North America. With hard work she believes that anything is possible and there is a purpose in every challenge. These life manifestos have led to the visionary inception and creation of the Badderam proposal by her. As a part of her role, she has recruited and managed a team of over 45 expert consultants to instruct every aspect of the intricate design of Badderam, to ensure it succeeds as a renowned and celebrated development.   

Trained in the UK, Heidi has studied design from the 11th Century onward, giving her a unique insight into outstanding design. She has brought her classic design knowledge to a contemporary audience designing and restoring both period and listed buildings, throughout London’s historical heart for many years. In stark contrast to this Heidi has also worked with some of the worlds most contemporary sustainable and green building groups both in Europe and California, to produce a series of technically advanced commercial resort and hotel buildings using eco materials and systems that promote the longevity of our planet.
This has now become her utmost passion.


worlds most revered designs look to nature in designing for the future.”

Heidi Meyer

Heidi’s love of design’s rich past, has carried through to her highly successful design business, Yohm. Yohm has won awards internationally for its innovative and creative design approach, schematic excellence and ability to source and utilise reclaimed and recycled materials. Heidi’s most recent design achievements include winning a place in the best 100 Interiors in the world, for the design of a Mooloolaba interior she completed on River Esplanade. This interior has now been published in Europe in the luxurious UK based, ‘design bible’ and revered coffee table book; Andrew Martin Interior Design Review. Mooloolaba and the Sunshine Coast will now feature amid the reading material of hotel lobbies, celebrity homes and beautiful bookcases around the world.

Heidi attributes her success to always working with the best possible people and teams. She is credited in using her creativity, across platforms of environmental, historical and cultural integrity, in guiding the Badderam resort’s overriding design philosophy. Her experience in ecological and sustainable building design, as well as her passion to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Buderim, has inspired the proposed built forms.

Having worked in her early career as a celebrity travel writer, Heidi has been privileged to professionally review over 290 luxury hotels and resorts, the world over. Her work has been published in luxury travel magazines and books internationally. Heidis skills in marketing are exceptional. 

Heidi’s experience as a travel Journalist soon led her to found the UK based ‘Yohm Retreat & Spa Company’; a venture in organic living and gastronomic luxury travel, involving celebrity and executive wellness retreats hosted in castles, chateaus and heritage properties in destinations around the world. In 2006 the Yohm Retreat & Spa Company was listed as the number one Luxury Retreat Company in the world. Heidi credits her success to a passionate entrepreneurial team, dedication to excellence and an ability to use previous experience in various fields to find new ways to reinvent and delight customers.

These experiences have provided Heidi with a fundamental understanding of luxury resort and spa design, the travel industry, luxury goods and services, consumer travel needs, and the unique business challenges that face international hotels and resorts. 

“Heidi is passionate, committed and utterly dedicated to whatever she turns her hand to. Her incredible knowledge, not just of what it takes to make an effective and luxurious eco resort, but of us as human beings on this planet is outstanding.”

Daisy Finer – Condé Nast Traveler

A mother and a proud citizen of the world, Heidi’s interests include; luxury hotels, garden appreciation, ecology, architecture, history, exquisite books, photography, slow organic food, health, natural medicine, and Sunday adventure picnics. Heidi is a qualified yoga teacher, has been an outrigger on the Mooloolaba outrigging team and until her ankles and knees began to wear – she was also a fond snowboarder. Heidi has a penchant for gold edged teacups and collecting beautiful things, she plays the piano and feels her life’s bliss is built around her family and a really good cup of organic coffee first thing in the morning. Heidi’s current projects include planting a hillside of lavender with her 6 year old daughter ‘Chalcot’ on the Badderam site, a project which will increase the sites bee and butterfly populations ahead of the construction of Badderam.

Heidi enjoys her association with the Buderim community very much. She gives her time to Buderim Safe, the Buderim Foundation, and the Local Ambulance Committee where she volunteers as a qualified CPR trainer, teaching CPR skills free of charge to persons in and around Buderim. In January 2019 Heidi was elected as a director of the Sunshine Coast regional tourism board. 

As dedicated residents of Buderim, Kim and Heidi would like to leave a legacy for future Buderim inhabitants, so they can enjoy, look after, and experience Buderim’s Indigenous history and natural character too.


Badderam respectfully acknowledges the Country of the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people on which the Badderam Resort will be developed and we recognise their continuing connection to our land, waters, environment, knowledge, traditions and community. We pay our respect to Elders both past, present, and emerging. Always was, always will be.​