This page was established by responding to questions raised by the Buderim and Sunshine Coast community. If there is an additional question that you would like answered please email heidi@badderam.com.au

The word Eco Luxe is formed from two words; Ecological and Luxury. At the epicentre of the Eco Luxe philosophy is the idea of life’s luxuries being enjoyed in a responsible way, using and promoting sustainable goods and services, respecting our ecological systems, our cultural heritage, and generally carrying on business in a community focused and ethical way. Eco Luxe is sophisticated and responsible.

Ecotourism* integrates environmental consideration into all decision-making. Responsible ecotourism programs include those that minimise the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. In addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, an integral part of ecotourism is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, and creation of economic opportunities for local communities. Ecotourism often appeals to advocates of environmental and social responsibility.

The Badderam development approval (Phase 1) was achieved in April 2018. A thorough review of the Badderam business case has taken place between May and September 2018. Badderam Owners Heidi and Kim have now commenced a national and international campaign to raise the funds required to construct Badderam (Phase2).

The duration of this phase is unknown. Construction including operational works (Phase 3) cannot commence until capital investment has been achieved. Ideally, we would like this to be as soon as possible and we thank you for your continued excitement and patience while we work diligently to realise the Badderam vision.

Construction is estimated to take 3 years from breaking ground.  It is our goal that the resort will be open by 2025.

The resort is owned by and will be operated by Mr Kim Carroll and Mrs Heidi Meyer in conjunction with a luxury operator/developer who shares their environmental values. They are seeking expressions of interest from seasoned luxury hotel operators/developers who recognise the potential of the site, luxury eco tourism, Buderim and this significant Australian coastal region.

We all need a little eco luxury in our life from time to time, consequently the Badderam resort will be open to the public by reservation and appointment.
Three distinct onsite dining options will offer visitors immense choice, with pricing considerations made across many menu inclusions to suit the varying budgets of families and all persons. Badderam will offer a 10 room wellness day spa, state of the art conference facilities, relaxation rooms, event laws, fireside lounges, stargazing terraces, library and function rooms, all by appointment for resort guests and the Sunshine Coast public.
“The most wonderful aspect of Badderam for Sunshine Coast residents is that we can all enjoy the facilities, without having to pay to spend the night. We can walk or drive back to our homes, just a few minutes away from this world-class destination” – Annabelle Williams – Buderim Resident – 37 years.
A new beautiful place to host a wedding, conference or event. A latte or glass of wine, any day of the week, enjoyed in the resorts gardens, whilst looking out to the beautiful views, will be a priceless experience at Badderam that won’t cost the earth. Badderam is a family friendly resort.

The proposal has been contributed to by a team of over 35 learned and professional consultants in their respective fields, including the highest calibre of environmental experts and sustainability consultants. Together they have examined the proposed site in relation to the following; landslip hazard, ecological systems, native flora and fauna, potential noise impacts and much more.

Expert environmental planning and a focus on sustainability are at the core of the proposed eco resort design. It is expected that post construction the resort site will have experienced a substantial increase in the amount of vegetation on the lots, creating far greater ecological benefits than the site currently affords.

The resort will be built to achieve both ECO and ROC certification by Ecotourism Australia. Uniquely the site will retain nearly all of its mapped vegetation, buildings will stay clear of existing onsite waterways. An intrinsic landscape design consisting of thousands of square metres of living green roofs and green walls, as well as new planting to the site en masse, sees Badderam aiming to be one of the most ecologically regarded developments in Australia. A zero waste strategy is set to be implemented, as is the extensive use of photovoltaic roof systems, technically advanced acoustic treatments to buildings, permeable paving and more. These elements give great regard to the environment and in addition, the amenity of others.

There are no adverse environmental impacts expected via this proposal for neighbouring residents. Amenity for neighbours will not only be preserved, but enhanced. More planting, more trees, more inclusions to deaden noise, a far increased aesthetic to the current Box Street roadway, are some of the exciting benefits of this proposal for neighbouring residents. (See specifically Q&A regarding noise in questions which follow on this page) Badderam's Landscape Architect and revered Horticulturist Sidonie Carpenter advises “it is expected the vegetation upon the site will about double post construction, when compared with what exists upon the site pre construction”. This increase is significant, seeing the resort make a substantial additional contribution to Buderim's ecological systems, flora and fauna habitats and the environment.

Some distinct benefits of green roofs; reduce noise pollution, harvests water and helps manage storm water flows, promote energy conservation (thermal insulation), reduce green house gases and aesthetic values provide great benefit. Green roof technology is so exceptional that it is conditioned as a part of the planning permit process, in other more advanced countries of the world.

Photovoltaic systems employ solar panels composed of a number of solar cells to supply useable solar power. Power generation from solar photovoltaic’s has long been seen as a clean sustainable energy technology which draws upon the planets most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source – the sun.

Wall mounted rechargeable lithium ion batteries with liquid thermal control that charge and store electricity generated from solar panels.  www.teslamotors.com/powerwall

Stormwater and sewerage management plan has been prepared with impeccable detail for the site by Covey Engineers. It is considered by the Covey group that an appropriate means to stormwater quality management onsite would be to minimise impervious areas through implementation of designed, green construction principles i.e. green roofs, permeable pavements, reinforced turf and maximising capture and re-use of rainwater via tanks.

Overflow from storage tanks and similar will be directed towards remnant vegetation areas as sheet flow, as per the existing drainage on site. It is proposed to disconnect impervious areas and receiving environments (i.e. eliminate piped infrastructure directly connected to downstream ecosystems), thereby protecting and enhancing the environmental values of receiving waters downstream of the proposed development.

Geotechnical parameters of Buderim have been at the forefront of the resorts intelligent design. At the core of the proposals aforementioned professional team, renowned Geologist and landslip hazard expert Geoff Hurley and his consummate team first carried out extensive field work and geological testing to the site.

Geoff Hurley is regarded Australia wide as a landslip expert. His extensive assessment, analyses and reports are used by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and are revered among learned geophysicists and colleagues. It is understood that Geoff Hurley and his expert team will stay closely associated with the proposal and continue to provide expert advice.

Geoff’s extensive geotechnical analyses of the site, not usually required at this initial stage, have been submitted with the development application. No expense has been spared in understanding that the site 'low risk' and suitable for this resort proposal. The proponents Kim and Heidi felt such extensive testing was responsible and required for the benefit of themselves as the proponents, fellow investors and most importantly; to offer absolute assurance to the Buderim public in particular, surrounding neighbours. Public statements given by Geoff Hurley regarding Badderam by video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xve7AjoTN_Y&feature=youtu.be 

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has conducted two peer reviews of the extensive geotechnical studies submitted by Core Geotechnical. Council is in agreement that the Badderam site is of low geotechnical risk and fit for the intended resort. (A development approval was granted in April 2018)

It is intended that the lifestyle options available to local residents will improve and diversify Buderim even further. The proposed resort includes three new restaurants, a luxury day spa, event facilities, and a new meeting place and amenity for Buderim locals, consisting of landscaped gardens and relaxation spaces that can be enjoyed. As a growing region, the resort proposal seeks to not only create employment opportunities within the resort but also throughout the Sunshine Coast. The resort will attract additional visitors, encourages the improvement of the Sunshine Coast airport and raises the international profile of the Sunshine Coast region as a whole. For statistics on employment opportunities during the construction and post construction phases.

Extensive research and analyses of the economic and community benefits of this proposal for Buderim and the Sunshine Coast have been prepared and submitted as part of the proposal application. Both a summary and links to this detailed report can be found here.

Investment in Buderim will contribute to employment, economic confidence, a feeling of prosperity, and continued community pride. Buderim is a progressive, close-knit community of sophisticated individuals who take pride in the place they live. Many residents live in Buderim for the elevated views, beautiful breezes, established trees, and the nature that abounds. It is known that Buderim residents appreciate development proposals that exhibit concern for the environment. Those Buderim residents also welcome the economic and community benefits that sensitive development can bring. Heidi and Kim are committed to bring about, not just any kind of tourism infrastructure, but the kind Buderim can be proud of.
“Our goal is to contribute toward ecological, economic and social sustainability for Buderim and the region” explains Kim.

“Our goal is to contribute toward ecological, economic and social sustainability for Buderim and the region” – Kim Carroll, Investment Director, Badderam

Badderam will contribute approximately 183 full time jobs during construction of the resort. 272 full time equivalent positions will be created once the resort is open. Jobs created will be diverse and appropriate for a broad spectrum of age groups. Jobs in some of the following employment sectors are anticipated; Hospitality, Transport (Chauffeurs), Human Resources, Recruitment, Accounting, Management, Administration, IT, Maintenance, Investment, Indigenous Affairs, Community Affairs, Environmental & Ecological Preservation, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Retail, Beauty Therapy, Childcare, Landscaping & Gardening, Sustainable Waste Management, Energy Management, Teaching, Science & Research.

“The professional experience of the older resident population living on Buderim, who are now faced with working to a much greater age, could be utilised in this ecotourism venture.” – Kerrianne Muelman, Economist, Urban Economics
  • Badderam helps promote Buderim as a tourist destination, bringing spending in the form of additional tourist dollars to local business and local shops
  • The resort will inject approximately $20 million per annum into the Sunshine Coast economy, giving opportunities to local Buderim providers, suppliers and services
  • Badderam actively seeks to promotes job opportunities for local and Indigenous persons
  • Badderam provides opportunities for job placement and linked training programs for hospitality students and graduates through a proposed partnership with local training institutes i.e. TAFE and the University of the Sunshine Coast

“Buderim business and the Buderim community, will benefit from the economic and social benefits this proposal will bring to Buderim” – Julie Preston – Buderim Chamber of Commerce 4556

  • Badderam offers an additional accommodation choice in Buderim for family, friends and business visitors
  • Badderam presents a new discreet venue with state of the art conferencing facilities, to host an intimate conference, meeting or special event
  • By appointment, local charity groups and Indigenous groups will be able to use Badderam’s facilities free of charge
  • Badderam’s luxury wellness spa will offer visitors and locals relaxation and revitalisation experiences
  • Distinguished world-class onsite dining options at Badderam, will offer visitors and locals more dining choice in Buderim, promoting a general flow of more diners to the area, boosting Buderim’s growing local and international profile as an organic ‘farm to plate’ gastronomic destination

“With the proposal of this luxury development, Buderim residents can expect an exciting uplift in property prices on both sides of the escarpment – Matt O’Grady – Real Estate Agent – Ray White

  • Studies indicate an expected rise in real estate values for Box Street and Ure Court once the resort is complete, and indeed in all of Buderim
  • Badderam promotes a sharing and the further safe keeping of our cultural heritage records and our living histories
  • Badderam creates appreciation for Buderim’s natural assets, with a view to the further conservation of Buderim
  • The resort encourages sustainable environmental development in Buderim via intended ECO and ROC certification

Traffic impact has been assessed by expert Traffic and Transport Engineers; Pekol Traffic and Transport. Their expert report submitted with this proposal to Sunshine Coast Regional Council includes road design solutions and options that if implemented, would truly benefit Box Street residents. TMR have issued preliminary advices that they do not expect this proposal to implicate Buderim’s long-term existing traffic problems. Nonetheless a full and comprehensive traffic assessment has been carried out by SCRC and a new roadway and upgraded intersection for Box Street has been conditioned.

Brian Mcbride, fellow Buderim resident and previous Chairman of Buderim Safe remarks “we welcome the consultation, thought and planning that has gone into an intelligent and exciting proposal for Buderim, a project that is unlikely to add to peak time traffic concerns.”

The size of the proposed site allows for large vehicle turning and adequate onsite parking, avoiding inconvenience to Box Street residents. The resort will not depend or seek to park any vehicles whatsoever on the Box Street or Ure Court roadways. Whisper quiet electric vehicles intended to be used in, on, and around the developed site, give further regard to the amenity of the sites existing neighbours.

Furthermore, the community focused proponents Kim and Heidi, have taken it in hand to seek collaboration and concerns from fellow residents by way of regular ‘Listening Corners’ scheduled on the Box St and Ure Court roadways. The first of these was held 23rd August 2015. It was agreed by contributing Box Street and Ure Court residents that the existing Box Street roadway, particularly the lower Box Street roadway was already neglected and most inadequate, irrespective of any further development in the street. It was also determined by contributing residents that the lower Box Street roadway was unsafe and required widening, more parking was needed in Box Street and Ure Court generally, and a safe intersection turning from Box St on to King Street was also needed. It is the intent that the poor condition of Box Street will be negotiated with Sunshine Coast Regional Council for upgrading, with subsequent benefits to residents.

During the construction phase it is true that patience will be required from neighbours on Box Street and Ure Court. Every step will be taken at that time, by expert Development Managers DMA Partners to minimise the challenges construction brings for fellow residents. Communication being key, listening corners with neighbours will be carried out at regular intervals by Kim and Heidi, with telephone lines kept open. Kim and Heidi are dedicated to maintaining transparency, respecting their community, and work with their neighbours at all times, both pre and post construction.

Alan Thornton, fellow Buderim resident and president of Buderim 2000 explains “there will be patience required of neighbouring residents during construction of the resort and upgrades to the roadway, as with any type of development. I believe in the long run, the benefits of this proposal, particularly for those closest, far outweigh its temporary implications.”

Badderam applicants Kim and Heidi, members of Buderim Safe, gave thorough consideration of their concept in relation to the implications for future traffic flows and safety concerns in Buderim. Kim and Heidi consulted with fellow Buderim Safe members well in advance of the release of this proposal. Buderim Safe members agree that they have sought to design a unique and beneficial proposal for their land which importantly has very little impact on the Buderim traffic at peak times. This is because Resort check-in is between 12 and 2pm and check-out is between 10am and 12pm.

"The resort has a target to become the first zero waste resort in Queensland" - Graeme Rose T2 Environmental Badderam. A locally made, whisper quiet industrial composter will compost onsite, the majority, if not all, of the sites produced refuse. This will reduce bin trucks becoming a further nuisance* on Box Street. Recycling collections are expected to take place once a week.

If for any reason, zero waste systems were to temporarily fail, the site has still the advantage of being designed with full circle turning onsite, to allow a bin truck to enter and turn with ease, lessening noise and ensuring inconvenience is not created for fellow residents of Box Street.

With clean technologies and other technically advanced commercial green waste strategies implemented, the resorts carbon footprint will be small and certainly exceed best practice.

*Bin trucks currently enter Box Steet and Ure Court multiple times, 5 days a week, one of these days being Sunday.

Noise impacts have been professionally projected as being minimal. Professional expert and Environmental Scientist David Moore specialises in environmental noise levels and soundscapes. Via on site sound measurements and stringent mathematical calculation, David has ascertained and detailed the expected acoustic noise level measurements for Badderam, both current and projected, that are relevant to the intended uses of the resort in accordance with environmental protection agency eco guidelines relative to the closest existing residences and all of our neighbouring community. Movement on the site of electric service vehicles, the inclusion of strictly intimate and private luxury events, coupled with persons coming to the resort in search of relaxation and retreat, will ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum. The resort is intended to run as a sanctuary, a ‘whisper’ quiet, gentle environment, promoted as a discreet oasis for discerning guests and Sunshine Coast residents to enjoy.

The proposed resort is a luxury destination that suits the location of Buderim Mountain as it is quality, culturally interesting and focused on embracing the natural character of the area. It will both complement and diversify the existing landscape and will add value to the existing acclaimed and distinguished accommodations and restaurant destinations of the Buderim area.

As the proposed resort is locally owned and designed by community immersed, passionate Buderim residents, it has been designed to suit the unique character of Buderim and the ideologies of its community. Badderam represents the values of many in the Buderim community and likely the greater Sunshine Coast. Badderam’s design story encompasses local histories, ecological awareness, sustainability, environment, protection of our flora and fauna and a principled development ethos as regards the amenity of neighbours and affects on others. It is representative of what is at the heart of all the Sunshine Coast is about; community, natural beauty, class and eco innovation.

Great opportunity exists via this inspirational proposal to attract international visitors and dignitaries from all over the world to Buderim. The resort is expected to contribute significantly to returning tourism trends to Buderim and it is hoped it will prompt even further acclaim for Buderim, with its already award winning Bed and Breakfasts and fine local restaurants. The resort is earmarked to set new standards for Sunshine Coast tourism. "Badderam has been designed to place Buderim at the green heart 💚of eco tourism within Australian and potentially the world!" Heidi Meyer - Creator of Badderam

At the heart of this Eco Luxe Resort and Spa is a world class, locally driven commitment to the value of local culture and history. From the integration of Indigenous and pioneering histories into Badderam's name and the resorts design, to the use of local and botanical ingredients in Badderam's 3 restaurants, to the luxurious spa with an Indigenous botanicals spa range, cultural awareness has been embraced through the detailed approach to a true world class experience of the best on the Sunshine Coast. Guests will be delighted at the whiskey lounge, Indigenous artwork, cooking classes and event experiences with a view of the ocean through to the Glasshouse Mountains. Badderam intends to showcase to the world the Indigenous and Pioneering histories of Buderim and Sth East Qld, threaded through every detail of the Badderam EXPERIENCE.

The sites visual amenity has been both preserved and enhanced. The proposed architecture and site design integrates/camouflages itself with the natural landscape. Although closely located to the commercial facilities of Buderim and the Sunshine Coast, the site is so discreet it is only partially viewable from very few locations in, on and around Buderim. Nonetheless, design considerations have been made by us of the views from those locations, particularly from the parkland above. Green walls and green roofs ensure the view from the park is impacted in a very minimal way, if at all. Boundary landscape buffering, retaining the sites mapped vegetation, as well as vegetation planted in and around the accommodation seeks to ensure the visual impacts are kept extremely minimal for Buderim. Badderam's Landscape Architect and revered Horticulturist Sidonie Carpenter advises “it is expected the vegetation upon the site will about double post construction, when compared with what exists upon the site pre construction”. This increase is significant, seeing the resort make a substantial additional contribution to Buderim's ecological systems, flora and fauna habitats and the environment.

The site is so discreet it can be seen only partially from very few locations in and around Buderim and on the plain looking back up toward the Buderim village. A green hidden jewel.


Badderam respectfully acknowledges the Country of the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people on which the Badderam Resort will be developed and we recognise their continuing connection to our land, waters, environment, knowledge, traditions and community. We pay our respect to Elders both past, present, and emerging. Always was, always will be.​